Rafael Sanchez, lead singer of La Union, performs during Reventón Super Estrella 2014 at Staples Center on Saturday.

REVIEW: Los gigantes del rock latino en el Reventón Super Estrella

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Rock music brought the monsters out Saturday night in Los Angeles, courtesy of Las Víctimas del Doctor Cerebro.

The Mexican rock group closed this year’s Reventón Super Estrella concert at Staples Center, radio station Super Estrella’s annual massive summer Spanish rock party, capping off the night’s performances – which were filled with heavy ties to the ’80s Latin rock movement – with the biggest bang.

Frontman El Abulón was turned up from the get-go, running from one end of the stage to the other and taking his talents to various sections of the venue. The move caused grown men to bear hug him as he walked the aisles and even got him caught up in a mini mosh pit. If that wasn’t enough, he revved up that crowd by successfully instigating the wave.

The group’s set resembled something out of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and included two scary-looking characters rocking out on stage.

The party continued with “Suena Mi Esqueleto,” with concertgoers shaking off any possibility of drowsiness by jumping in unison, up and down to Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up.”

Caifanes, one of Mexico’s most legendary rock bands, was the all-star of the night, keeping most fans on their feet during their entire set.

“It’s a pleasure seeing so much raza together in a celebration … that is for you, by you,” frontman Saúl Hernández said.

Hernández was more than happy to cede the spotlight to fans, pointing the mic toward the crowd during multiple songs time and time again. From “No Dejes Que...” to the cumbia hit “La Negra Tomasa,” fans couldn’t get enough.

Roco Pachukote, of Maldita Vecindad, hyped up the crowd with a rock style zoot suiters would be proud of, down to the attire. His wild dance moves kept audience members captivated and grooving along with him, as the resounding ska, cumbia and rock rhythms belted through the venue.

Maldita fans also received good news Saturday night, after learning that the group would soon begin a tour to celebrate its 30th anniversary in honor of “all the people who have supported us,” Roco shared.

Chilean band La Ley provided a touch of nostalgia, with some fans getting visibly emotional during the band’s set, especially with favorites such as “Mentira” and “Aqui.”

“It seems like a lie being here,” frontman Beto Cuevas said. “The only thing that matters is the present day, so let’s leave the past behind us.”

Enrique Bunbury’s unique style also had the crowd passionately acting out, with a couple of fans singing every lyric and gesturing to every beat without holding back.

La Unión, another 1980s rock staple, was also an early act, helping to kick off what would be more than five hours of rock music with an old school feel.

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