For some, the chicken skin is the best part, so why not fry it, according to Chicken Charlie's owner Charlie Boghosian.

COMIDA: Qué hay de nuevo en el OC Fair, descubre las nuevas delicias

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When it comes to fair food, you can count on two things: deep-fried indulgences and extreme versions of today’s hottest food fads. This year is no different as the OC Fair continues through August 10 with gut-busting goodies – from 12-inch corn dogs to monster doughnuts to an intoxicating bacon churro. Here are a few of this year’s novelties.

Chile Relleno Burger

The 40-year fair veterans at the Tasti Chips stands also run Grande Burgers. This year's new addition: Chile Relleno Burger -- a massive spicy sensation. Not only is it layered with the large green chiles, but it also contains jalapeños and chorizo. Served on a pretzel bun that is as thick as the burger's innards. Cost -- about $16

Chicken Chicharrones

Chicken Charlie's food stand, famous for its deep-fried food mashups, is serving deep fried chicken skins at this year's OC Fair. Owner Charlie Boghosian is King of Fried Batter.

“People always tell me that ‘the skin is the best part’ of the fried chicken, so why not serve just the skin?” Boghosian asked.

He knows just how to put enough flavor into the batter without taking away from showcase product ... in this case the chicken skin. If you like the idea of biting into fried chicken sans the meat, this savory and fatty item is for you. It's Charlie's version of a chicken chicharron.

Churro Borracho envuelto en tocino

Mike Peterson's Bacon A-fair stand uses bacon in every item, including this deep fried whiskey treat. Peterson hallows out a fried churro, injects it with a half shot of Jack Daniels, rolls it in sugar and wraps it in bacon. He then grills the bacon so the rendered fat seeps into the drunken churro. Served with syrup and whipped cream, this clever item is like breakfast on a stick. “It's like French toast,” said one of my eating companions. I have to agree. Can kids eat it? Yes, indeed. In fact, in San Diego, Peterson said children were flocking to the bacon wrapped whiskey churro.

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